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I really wanted to thank people for commenting on a post. After some searching I found the perfect and very easy to use WordPress comment thank you plugin: Comment Redirect.  The plugin is written by the same gentleman that writes the WordPress SEO plugin Joost de Valk. that I love.  Joost seems to have a knack for creating powerful yet easy-to-use WordPress plugins that make websites better.  Basically, what the plug-in does is take a user to any page you configure after the user submits a plug-in.  In my case, I made a thank-you page that users will see after submitting a comment.

Installing the plug-in

Installing the plug-in was easy; I simply went to the “Plugins | Add New” menu item:


Then typed in the name of the plug-in:  “Comment Redirect”:

Wordpress searching and installing a plugin by name

Then followed the prompts to install and activate the plug-in.

Configuring the WordPress comment thank you plugin

The settings are under the plug-in menu, which you can see here:

Configuring the WordPress comment thank you pluginThe settings page is pretty simple, and allows you to choose a redirect page using a drop-down.

So then I wrote a thank-you page, and choose that page from the Comment Redirect setting page.

Tweaking the thank-you page

The only trick was that I didn’t want comments on the comment thank you page!  So on the “Pages | All Pages” screen in WordPress I hovered over the thank-you page, and then clicked on “Quick edit”.  Then I turned OFF “Allow Comments”:

Wordpress Turning off comments for a pageNow when people post to my blog, the WordPress comment thank you plugin automatically takes users to a special thank-you page.  I really enjoy getting comments (even negative ones) because it’s feedback for the hard work of writing a post, and a reminder that people are actually reading (and sometimes appreciating) my content.  So thanking them makes sense!

I hope that helps!


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