Problem installing Dragon Naturally Speaking v11.5

I ordered a Dragon Naturally Speaking 11.5 CD, but much to my dismay, it wouldn’t install. I got the following error:

(Error opening installation log file. Verify that the specified log file location exists and is writable)

So I used process monitor to look at what it was doing, and right around the error it was trying to write to find a temporary directory to write to.

This temporary directory existed, so I wasn’t sure exactly what the problem was; so I looked at my %temp% environment variable just to be complete and sure enough:

Opps! I had a second directory on my temp environment variable for some reason. Removing this secondary directory fixed the problem!

If you’re encountering this, the way to remove this with Windows 7 is to right click on your computer icon and choose “Properties”:

Then, on the left side choose “Advanced system settings”:

Then click on “Environment Variables”:

Then, (finally) click on TEMP in the upper list and click “Edit”. Delete the duplicate path (everything from the end to and including the first semi-colon) and you should be good to go.

I am installing Dragon Naturally Speaking v11.5 as we speak (so I had to type in this blog post).


6 thoughts on “Problem installing Dragon Naturally Speaking v11.5”

  1. Just bought Dragon 11.5 and will not install at all. About 40 items come up in list format and nothing happens at all. Have turned Norton and firewall off etc but still won’t install. Dodgy disc??

  2. I’ve been working on Dragon 11.5 for 3 hours this time with help from “Just Answer” support. I have tried everything and am still unable to install. I receive error 1935. I have installed Ctt 2008 and am feeling really frustrated at this time. I also have
    Ctt 2010×86 installed. Any suggestions???

  3. Hi there,

    I bought the same software package, installed it and each time I try to open it I get the following message. Can you please give me some advise

    One or more registry settings are corrupt and your registry permissions prevent Dragon NaturallySpeaking from correcting them. Please run Dragon NaturallySpeaking Setup and select the Repair option. thanks

  4. I have just got to tell you that after 3 hours and 4 calls to Nuance tech support, your fix was the only way I got to install this program!!
    thanks so much

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