OCZ Revo Drive – Fixed!

OCZ Revo Drives are amazing – with two 64GB SSDs combined in a RAID 0 configuration and slipped into a PCIe motherboard slot there’s really nothing faster!

Only problem is, after a few weeks of using it, Windows would say there were problems with the hard drive and check it on boot – which takes a normally really fast boot up time and makes it, well, really slow. Other times it Windows wouldn’t check anything, but it would just hang – often for 2 minutes! – just showing this:

No fancy little balls of light for two minutes!! I tried digging into the Windows Event log but never found anything actionable.

Today, it got worse – MUCH worse! During a disk check it crashed (I’ve never seen that before), then it wouldn’t start, then it did start but it blue-screened several times… You get the idea.

Anyway, here’s how I (think I) eventually fixed it without a low-level format!

  1. I have an ASUS P5K-VM mother board and I was a version behind on the BIOS – so I upgraded to version 1001 which is documented as fixing the “Q-Fan function abnormal after recover from S3 mode.” However, I have noticed that often motherboard updates fix a lot more than they advertise for some reason.
  2. Then I downloaded the OCZ Revo upgrade disk and burned it to a CD. The upgrade process was wonderfully simple and immediately upgraded my OCZ Revo firmware from 1.2 to 1.35.

I’ve restarted multiple times, put the computer to sleep and woken it up then restarted, etc. I’ve turned the computer off and then on again and it has always started lightning fast! Wonderful.

Thank you OCZ engineers!!


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