Chrome never loads any pages

While I’m building my websites I am using IE, Firefox and I wanted to use Chrome (v25.0.1364.152m). Unfortunately, it just hangs forever, and never loads any page. I’ve turned off firewalls, etc. but to no avail.

Finally, I found this link pointing to this helpful page.

Basically, Chrome doesn’t agree with my NVidia graphics card when also running DisplayLink (I have three monitors).

To tell Chrome not use the GPU for rendering pages, open Chrome and type in this URL: chrome://flags

Now scroll down to the “GPU compositing on all pages” and change the drop-down to Disabled.

Things seem to work pretty well now, and I can actually use Chrome to browse to pages.

Unfortunately, Flash doesn’t work, as demonstrated by this YouTube screenshot:

But at least I can test my website with Chrome.

A better Chrome/DisplayLink solution

A better solution is documented on the DisplayLink website: update the Chrome start-up icon to use the -reduce-gpu-sandbox (it’s spelled incorrectly on the DisplayLink support page, but correctly in their image):

Add this:

Chrome now works and Flash still works:

Other problems with DisplayLink

This is not the first time DisplayLink has caused me problems. Rotating my 3rd monitor to portrait mode regularly crashed the DisplayLink driver, and under Windows 8 DisplayLink caused the entire computer to crash or blue-screen regularly.

When I posted to their forums the response was dramatically unhelpful. If you can use a different USB display adapter I would recommend it.


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